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Seminar "EVS for All", 27.11-3.12.2016, Orkelljunga, Sweden

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Volunteering is one of the effective ways to support the society. EVS is one of the international opportunity for many young people from all over the world. 2016 is the year of celebration of 20th anniversary of EVS. However there are many organizations in EU who do not know about EVS and how EVS can be opportunity for increasing employability and interculturality for volunteers. Especially it is not well known in Sweden. One of the way to decrease challenges is to create a meeting place for people who have different roles in EVS projects.

The purpose of this project was to bring organizations who have EVS accreditation and who are willingly to have an accreditation after this project. We wanted to create a discussion forum that can lead possible future collaboration and build a network among youth workers who work in these organizations. We involved youth workers, EVS mentors, task related supervisor and volunteers who would think to be part of EVS project in future or who has done EVS project recently. This will increase the quality of EVS project and promote new possibilities.

With this project we had a chance to see different practices about project management, practical arrangements, volunteers perspectives, validation of non formal learning, cooperation between mentor, supervisor and volunteer.

The main objectives were:

- to share methods and best practices about volunteering on local and international level

- to increase quality of EVS projects through focusing on employability and interculturality

- to provide at least the possibility to youth workers active in EVS projects throughout Europe the tools and knowledge they need to improve the quality of their EVS projects in terms of raising the employability of their EVS volunteers

- to increase communication and collaboration between organizations and let organizations to create new EVS project in future or apply for accreditation

- to support organizations who works with EVS and increase management skills through sharing practical tools

- to increase knowledge how to deal with conflict before, during and after EVS project

- to create new and innovative ideas and methods about dissemination of EVS projects with ICT tools

- to increase awareness of youth worker about their roles in EVS.