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TC "Branding for Youth Work and Youth Organizations", 17-24.11.2015, Tulcea, Romania

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The aim of the project was to develop key competences of the key staff/youth workers active in youth NGOs in their communities.

The project focused on the following topics:

  • Developing transparent and sustainable management procedures for NGOs
  • Volunteers Management & Motivation
  • Organisations Branding
  • How to promote youth work outside NGO environment and how to promote the benefits and importance of youth work in the community
  • Exploring the ways on how the certificates that recognize the non-formal experience learning (Youthpass) can be promoted in each of the partners countries
The trainers in this projects were professionals in the fields of branding, advertising and graphic design. Participants learned about designing a logo, writing press releases, running a social campaign, and many other skills useful in youth work. We were also involved in activities which boosted our creativity and helped us brainstorm ideas for promotion of Youthpass, youth work and volunteering.