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TC "Unity in Diversity? From challenges to opportunities", 31.03-6.04.2016, Yerevan, Armenia

opublikowane: 10 maj 2017, 01:36 przez Opus Humanum

From 31 March to 6 April 2016 Opus Humanum took part in a project „Unity in Diversity? From Challenges to Opportunities” in Yerevan, Armenia. The project was hosted by our partner NGO Armenian Progressive Youth and it was implemented jointly with Swedish applicant organization Active Ukrainians in Europe. Participants came from both program and partner countries: Armenia, Denmark, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine and Turkey. The aim of the project was to empower youth workers to fight against intolerance towards migrants and refugees.

During the training course we were involved in many non-formal education activities, such as team-building activities, city rally, workshops, role-plays, daily evaluations, working groups, trips, NGO fair, field visit and other creative activities. The objective was to foster tolerance, respect and open-mindedness towards migrants and refugees while working with young people.

Thanks to the efforts of hosting NGO Armenian Progressive Youth, we had a unique opportunity to visit UNHCR office in Armenia and to participate in a conference on the problems of migration and youth. During the study visit we learned about the activities of UNHCR in Armenia and we found out about best practices of this organization. The conference gave us  a chance to listen to Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, H.E. Piotr Świtalski, head of UNHCR Office in Armenia and many other speakers, including young academics and a Syrian refugee now working for UNHCR. Later, during dinner, we could socialize and ask some speakers further questions.

Apart from activities related to the topic of the project, we also got to know Armenia and its culture. APY organized for us a trip to two major tourist attractions: Geghard monastery which is carved in a mountain and Garni temple, the only remaining pagan temple in Armenia. After the trip we spent the evening with an Armenian family, who also showed us a traditional method of baking lavash, the traditional Armenian bread. Thanks to central location of our hotel, we could also experience Yerevan.

To sum up, the project was very successful. We learned new methods of working with youth and gained new perspectives on migration. We also had a project idea for the April deadline. We applied the project “Anti-bias Approach to Prevent Discrimination” together with a new partner from Turkey – Turkey-Europe Foundation.